Getting Ready To Winterize The Home

When cold weather approaches, it becomes necessary to winterize the home. Winter weather can cause tremendous damage to a home, which is why it is important to complete a few tasks. Some jobs can be done without assistance, while others may require professional assistance. Here is a look at the best ways to get the house ready for winter.Plumbing - Winterize Your House


Windows with poor insulation will be a nightmare in the winter. Heat will escape and make electric bills extremely high. The first thing that a homeowner should consider is caulking areas around windows to block out a path for cold air to enter or warm air to escape. Other people should consider buying new storm windows. Storm windows can be expensive, so it may be better to research other ways to prepare windows.

One of the cheapest ways to insulate the areas around windows is to use a plastic film kit. These kits are readily available at a low price at any home improvement store. The plastic tapes over window panels in hopes of keeping warm air in the room.


It is essential to care for outdoor plants before winter sets in. Most plants will enter a dormant stage during cold months.  Before snow approaches, it is wise to apply a slow release fertilizer to any outdoor shrub or plant. It is also helpful to add a new layer of mulch. Potted plants should be taken inside or left in a protected area like a garage or covered porch. The pots should be wrapped with foam to protect the plant’s roots.

Roofs And Gutters

It is important to get on the home’s roof before winter strikes. The flashings must be in good condition and all loose or missing shingles must be replaced. The gutters must be cleaned to make sure all downspouts are free of debris. It may be smart to install leaf guards on downspouts which will keep water from causing damage to the home.


One of the most important ways to winterize a home is to properly prepare the plumbing. The first step is to examine all pipes and look for possible leaks or other problems. Even a tiny leak can become a tremendous headache as freezing temperatures approach. If a home contains insulated pipes, it is best to feel for any signs of moisture. If leaks are too severe, it may be time to consult a professional plumber.  This expert will be able to solve any problems and also recommend the best way to keep pipes from freezing.

One of the best ways to prevent frozen pipes is to add insulation to pipes that are exposed to the elements. The best place to apply this insulation is over pipes in attics, garages, or crawl spaces. Most home improvement stores carry preformed foam that fits easily on top of open pipes.

A hot water heater must be insulated as well. A hot water heater is a common place where heat can become lost, especially when it is located in a cold basement. An insulation blanket can be purchased at any hardware store and placed over the unit. It is a very cost effective way to maximize energy usage.

When a home has an evaporator cooler, it is essential to have it drained proper to the winter chill. The water must be turned off in the house and the unit must be powered off as well. The water must be drained from the cooler and the supply line. This is a good opportunity to perform some cleaning inside the unit. The last step is to cover the equipment to keep it dry all winter.

Outside of the home, certain plumbing issues must be addressed before winter as well. All garden hoses must be disconnected and drained. This will keep hose bibs free from causing damage to exterior pipes.

If a home is located in an extremely cold climate, it may be best to install a shutoff valve inside of the faucet. All pipes must be completely drained by opening the bibs and letting all water escape. Without a shutoff valve, the hose bib can be covered or insulated during winter months. This is a cheap way to keep pipes from freezing.

If a home has a sprinkler system, this must be winterized as well. Similar to the hose bib, this irrigation system must be turned off and flushed of water. This process will help to avoid headaches when spring and summer arrives.

The air conditioner pipes must be drained and the water shutoff valve must be turned off. Some people go away for the winter season to a warmer climate. It is best to keep the heat turned on, but at a low 55 degrees. This will keep the temperature from dipping too low and causing problems.

Finally, it is essential for a homeowner to locate the main water valve into the house. When an emergency arises, it will be essential to know where the water can be shut down quickly.  The water main controls all of the water that enters the home.

There are many tasks involved with winterizing a home. It is essential to seal all air leaks and to take care of the plumbing inside and outside of the home. When a home is properly winterized, it will be energy efficient and free from damage. Despite the small costs involved, it is always better to take preventative measures instead of making emergency repairs.

Hiring a Licensed Woodstock, GA Plumber

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Many buildings require plumbing services, be it residential or commercial. There are various kinds of plumbing services, and it is wiser to hire a licensed plumber in Woodstock, GA rather than doing it personally. These experts are highly trained to handle basic and complex installations. Plumbing  jobs demand definite skills and understanding. The main benefits of specialized plumbers are that, they have excellent training, skills and experience to manage all kinds of plumbing needs.

These professionals are capable of detecting possible plumbing issues in your home, so that recurring repairs can be avoided. Plumbing experts are also equipped with different tools which are not available to non-professionals. The most vital issue is to check their license. This vital document is a proof of their trustworthiness. The other significant issue is to ensure that the person being hired is insured. Insurance safeguards your property just in case there are damages done in the process. It also lessens your liability if the contractor sustains injuries while on duty.

How to get a licensed plumber in Woodstock, GA

The most difficult task is where to get these experts, and how to make a choice. Well, in this era of online business, having a computer and internet connection is all that is required. You can do a bit of customer reviews on every website; this will give you a clear idea of the work results. Getting quotes from different companies is another necessary point worth mentioning. Many companies charge differently, therefore, making price comparisons is very significant.The other method, which is also reliable, is by asking for recommendations. Your friends and business associates can help with referrals. All you have to do is dig deeper about the services of charges. It is also wise to hire a company that is based in your locality, this helps in cutting costs, because, when you hire professionals from a distant area, they are more likely to have a high service charge. Most of the specialized companies hire personnel who are able to handle several plumbing emergencies at once. However, a nonprofessional weekend plumber may not be able to do this when called upon. He may even ask for incentives for after hour repairs.

Make sure to choose a professional, who is capable of offering emergency services.It is also logical to choose a professional plumbing company because, in many occasions, safety is guaranteed. This feature ensures that any damage done to your residence, or office is covered. Well, the good news is that most plumbing companies have implemented this feature and you do not have to worry.

Professional services offered

Plumbing jobs are not only for major installations. Your bathroom sink, or kitchen may clog due to particles. This is a job that may look simple, but it is not. The worst mistake that most homeowners do is to use the plunger incorrectly. It may remove the particles, but also cause some other serious damages to your plumbing system. Your best bet is to acquire the services of a plumbing professional.

The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Plumber in Marietta GA

Drainage systems and clogged pipes are the most likely problems that can face you at any time. So, what do you do when these events occur? Well, a licensed plumber in Marietta, GA is purposefully, trained to take care of these issues. These professionals are excellent in fixing any plumbing problem, be it basic or complicated. They have the knowledge and experience that is valuable to homeowners.

Recurrent Home Plumbing Problems

One of the recurrent problems in homes is the leakage of sinks or clogging of the toilet. These two issues always make the house or compound in a devastating mess. If you were to host visitor on that day, the embarrassment can only be, imagined. There are a number of people who choose to use a plunger when drainage pipes are blocked, what they fail to understand is that, more problems can be created by this method of first aid.

Let the services of your area licensed plumber in Marietta GA help you out in this regard because  having your toilet out of commission is an inconvenience you don’t want to happen. Since they have latest tools the capacity to unclog the drainage system is easily done. Therefore, the issue of using a plunger to carry out this kind of work should be, abandoned.

Problems with the sinks are just as important as of the toilet. At times, you may realize that there is a clog in the sink, and there are no sufficient skills to unclog it, moreover, a pipe may burst, and continue spilling the waste all over the place. Though these jobs are not massive, it is still recommended to hire a professional plumber for repairs.

The other plumbing issue that may prompt the acquisition of plumbing services is the installation of pipes. This is a task, which requires expertise; any mistaken measurement may lead to damage of the whole system. Therefore, as you can see, plumbing experts are part and parcel of our life.

How to Get a Licensed Plumber in Marietta, GA

Now that you know how helpful plumbing services are, how can a person obtain these professionals? There is no cause for alarm, talking to close friends is the simplest way of acquiring the services of these professionals. You may get a long list, and the next hurdle will be to get the right person for the job.

The other method is to search online. The Internet is really changing how business is done these days. By having a computer connected on the internet, searching for these professionals is equally easy. What you have to look for is the customer reviews, services offered and contacts. Moreover, you can get quotes from various companies, as well.

Look for a plumbing expert who has a working license. This is very important when legal matters arise. As a consumer you can feel at ease if you can establish that the contractor has this document. The next thing to look for is the level of experience; a technician may be qualified but lacks all that is required in completing a given task successfully. The other issue, which is equally important, is the insurance. Hiring technicians who are not insured is a risk and may cost you more.

Therefore, as you can see, plumbers are very important in society. What matters is the quality you get from them.

Seven Steps for Hiring a Plumber

Hiring a plumber is not as difficult as climbing Mount Everest. However, if not done properly it is as tragic as falling from Mount Everest. Just kidding!  Once you have decided to hire a plumber  for your building you have to consider these seven steps.

First step is to approach your family, friends,  office colleagues for recommendations of professional plumbers  they have hired. There are two types of plumbers. The first category specializes in repairs.  The second category specializes in remodeling and the construction field. Make sure the plumber they have referred is specialized in the construction field.

Second step is to shortlist two to three plumbers whom you feel would be the most efficient in doing the job right the first time. Now you have to compare their experience,  references, and reliability.Those who are well established in the field are often more competent than some fly by night contractors. Compare their proven performance so that you will have an idea of their work experience. If needed you can contact the reference names given to you either by phone or in person.

Third step is to discuss your project with the prospective plumbers and ask for their quotation. You can ask them to visit the site. Ask for  a quote in detail for the total cost including material and labor charges. Consider the time estimated  for the project  completion by each plumbers.  If the time estimated in months or days  by one plumber  is less and the cost is high you may have to choose the one with the less expensive quote . Match the quote against your cash budget. This will come down to a judgment call on your part. Sometimes you might decide to go with a more experienced plumber and pay a little more, or vice versa.

Fourth step is to compare the qualifications of the  plumbers. A professional plumber will have proper liability insurance and workman’s compensation. Make sure the prospective plumber has a proper insurance policy. Another important thing to look for is the certification or the license of the plumber. You can also check if there is any complaints against the plumber with the Better Business Bureau. Look for the work permit of the plumber. A professional plumber will make these documents available for your inspection if you request them to.

Fifth step is to check the service guarantee by the professional plumber. You have to ask the plumber for a guarantee in fulfilling the project,  if any eventuality arises in the course of work. If there is no guarantee, your money, time and  effort will be at risk.

Sixth step is to ask about safety measures. Assuming that you have already established that the plumber has insurance, you may ask about any further safety measures they may want to use while working in your home or business.

Seventh step is to summarize all of this information for a clean, clear picture.  By touching on all of the valuable points discussed above you have hopefully reached the point where you are ready to select your  professional plumber. Keep in mind all these seven steps to hire a plumber so that you are making the right decision quickly and with confidence.

What to do with Frozen Pipes

Millions of families across the country have a catastrophe somewhere in their homes due to frozen pipes. Their lives are disrupted every winter with flooded rooms and high cost repair bills. However, if a pipe freezes and the response is swift it is possible to thaw the pipe before it bursts. Pipes normally freeze when they are adjoining outside walls. The most vulnerable to freezing are those running through unheated quarters, and once the water is frozen, the water flow will be cut off, leading to split pipes due to ice expansion.

The first piece of evidence that your pipe is frozen is when you awake in the morning after a very cold night and turn on your tap. If there is no surge of water and only a trickle flows down and abruptly stops; you have a frozen pipe. So thawing the pipe will be necessary. Here is advice on what to do with frozen pipes.

. First, locate where the pipe is frozen, then switch off the key water supply. This move will avert the water from spurting out once the pipe is thawed. Afterwards, open the taps in the house.

. If water is not flowing anywhere inside the home, a pipe close to the water meter is probably frozen. Place your hand on the meter and the nearby exposed pipes. If the pipes are extremely cold, that is a sign that they are probably frozen.

. If water flows in just one part of the home, a pipe in an exterior wall or un-padded crawl space is most likely the culprit. Try opening bathroom and kitchen sink cabinets to permit warm air from the home to heat-up the pipes.

. After locating the frozen pipe, open the distressed faucet completely while opening other hot water faucets as well. When the water begins to stream from the distressed pipe, secure all faucets to a dribble. Do not attempt to completely shut the distressed faucet pending the total defrosting of the pipe and after water is flowing freely.

Other workable methods and one of the safest thawing techniques involves a moderate heat source hair dryer, household iron, or heat lamp. Propane torches or other open direct flames will heat the pipes too fast, possibly causing an explosion. Some people may suggest putting rags into boiling water and wrapping them around the frozen pipe. A professional plumber would never recommend such a technique since obviously it would be quite messy with an unpredictable outcome.

When thawing pipes with a hair dryer or heat lamp at all times work from an open faucet toward the frozen part. This will permit steam to be released and from being trapped by ice, which can result in a burst pipe. With the faucet open, it is easy to see when the ice has dissolved. A great way to prevent pipes from freezing in the first place is to wrap them in electrical heating cable, afterwards covering the pipe with insulation to preserve heat. A heating cable can be utilized to thaw a frozen pipe as well.

Dual Flush Toilets to Save Water

The dual flush toilet technology was first developed in Australia in 1980 and was invented by Bruce Thompson. They were designed to consume a lesser amount of water as compared to the normal flush.  The government of Australia offered him financial assistance to build this technology. He used a cylinder shaped tank with two buttons at the top of it. The shorter flush can store up to 5.5 liters of water while the full flush has the capacity of 11 liters. This technology uses 67% less water than the ordinary flush system.

The normal flush consumes a lot of water and these were designed to reduce the amount of water consumption and efficient use the water. According to the reports of Environmental Protection Agency half of the world will be suffering from water shortage due to excessive use so the usage of water must be managed in an effective way. This technology is being adopted rapidly in different countries where water shortage is experienced.

The dual flush system was redesigned in 1994 by Caroma and he reduced the capacity of flushes to 6 and 3 liters in the full and short flush respectively.  This made them more efficient in consuming less water. These toilets are now imported to Europe and other countries in Asia. The governments have encouraged the use of dual flush toilets so that the use of excessive of water can be avoided.

This flush system is user-friendly and provides a choice of flushes. It has two buttons, one for liquid waste and the other for solid.  The shorter one is used for liquid whereas the full flush is for solid waste. This technology use less amount of water to flush away the waste. The normal flush system uses the process of water pressure combined with the air pressure to wash away the waste while the dual system utilizes the pressure of water to drain the waste. This makes the dual flush toilet more efficient in consuming water. Even the full flush consumes lesser amount of water in comparison to full flush.

The ordinary flush system can easily be replaced by dual flush toilet. There are two options of doing it, either to make changes to the entire toilet or just by replacing the ordinary flush tank with dual action flush lever and valve. The conversion kits are easily available in the market and cost about US $29-30.

These innovative dual flush toilets have a number of advantages. First of all they are user-friendly and are available in the latest designs. Secondly, they save us from the excessive use of water as they have two buttons for flushing one for liquid and the other for solid waste. The only disadvantage of these dual flush toilets is their fitting in the already constructed bathrooms. But thanks to the dual flush conversion kits which are present in the market and can be purchased at a minimal price.

With their growing popularity another alternate of dual conversion kits have helped thousands of people in installing this technology.  The ordinary flush can easily be converted into dual flush toilet by attaching a rubber handle that can use either partial amount of water stored in the tank or empty the whole of it depending on which side it is bent.  These dual flush conversion kits not only save water but also money.

Hazards of Polybutylene Piping

When buying a house, checking it inside and out is very important. One thing that should be on the list is plumbing. In the plumbing area ask or check for polybutylene pipes. Having that installed may not be a problem now but it will be.

Polybutylene pipes are a resin-made type of plastic pipe. It has a gray color inside the house and a gray, black or blue color outside. It is between .5 and 1 inch in diameter. It was manufactured in 1978. Homes before 1995 have polybutylene pipes installed but it became the most popular in the 1980’s. It was inexpensive to make and easy to install because of its flexibility. These pipes are in about 10 million homes/properties mostly located in the Sun Belt region, the Pacific Northwest, and the Mid-Atlantic States.

In the inside of the house the pipes start in the basement ceilings and enter the water heater. Also check the pipes under the toilet, sinks, and bathrooms. On the outside the pipes start on the basement walls and attach to the shutoff valve and/or the water meter.

One hazard caused by these polybutylene pipes is when the pipes start to break or tear apart inside. That comes in the way of corrosion. When the water faucet pipe erodes the chlorine or other chemicals in the water wears down the structure of the pipes causing the breaking/tearing. With continued deterioration cracks scales and holes is visible. By the time a leak is seen it’s too late; the damage has been done to homes and businesses. The next hazard is incorrect installation. Installing these pipes may be easy but it requires special equipment to secure it in properly. Without the special equipment the pipe might not be as sturdy as it should be. Another hazard is old pipes. The older the pipes the more chance of a problem occurring. Mold on the pipes can also occur. Any one of these severe problems can take as much as 10-15 years to be noticed with the human eye. All of these hazards can happen without warning.

Insurance companies will not cover damages done to the home with these pipes installed. Selling the house will be hard to do because polybutylene pipes are not reliable plumbing. Lawsuits have been filed and settled as a result of polybutylene pipes. If a polybutylene pipe is found get rid of it now.

Why Use a Whole Home Water Filter System

There are several reasons why a person should use a whole house water filter.

  1.  There will be clean water in all of the rooms in the house. This is because the water filter will be hooked up to the water system of the house.
  2. The chemicals will be removed from the water as soon they enter into the water system. Therefore, they will no longer be released in the air.
  3. Healthfulness that a person will get from drinking the water that has been filtered since it will be clean.
  4.  There will not be any soap scum left on your dishes. Most of the time, the soap scum is left on your dishes when you have hard water. When the water is filtered, then that hard water will be taken care of.
  5.  Relief for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. This is because the air that they breathe will be cleaner and the water filter will alleviate a lot of the effects of the asthma and allergies. Therefore, a person will be able to breathe better in their own house.
  6. Your clothes will be cleaner. This is because the chemicals in the water will be removed from the water before you wash your clothes. Therefore, those chemicals will no be on your clothes when they come out of the washer.
  7.  Drinking contaminated water. When your water is filtered then you drastically reduce the chances of a person drinking or showering in water that is contaminated.
  8. Protection. This means that you will be protected from breakdowns that happens in your water treatment and sanitation systems.
  9.  Having a whole house water filter is the only true way of filtering out the water that comes through your shower. This is because it has the ability to remove all of the chlorine and any other chemicals that could be in your water.
  10.  The whole house water filter protects you from any radiation that you could be exposed to with non-filtered water. This could happen if a person drinks or inhales any of dangerous chemicals that could be in your water.

These are the top ten reasons that a person should use a home water filter system.


How to Repair an Outdoor Water Faucet

Every homeowner will discover that they will need to have an outdoor water faucet, whether it be to water their lawn or wash their car; however, they are notorious for having problems from time-to-time. When people use a little bit of common sense, they will quickly realize that anything that has water running through it has the potential to freeze during the winter. For this reason, every year when it begins to get cold, news anchors will begin reminding people to unhook their hose and ensure that the faucet’s water supply is completely shut-off. The bad thing is that most people operate under the assumption that their faucet will not freeze, apparently because their faucet is different from everyone else’s. However, a frozen faucet is not the only thing that can malfunction with these units, so it is important for people to understand how to repair their outdoor water faucet, or they will have to pay a plumber to handle the task.

Analyze the Problem

The first step in repairing an outdoor faucet is to carefully analyze exactly what the problem is. Many people become stressed out when they know they have to repair something, which can lead them to make rushed decisions. The problem with this is that they may go buy a lot more expensive items than they actually need. Another potential problem with this is that they may purchase the wrong supplies and have to return them to the store, which will make the process take even longer. The worst case scenario would be when the hardware store will not even accept a returned product that has been opened, because the customer will be completely out of their money.

Parts Required

Depending on what the problem is, people may need to purchase a new spigot, pipe, shut-off valve. The spigot is essentially the pipe that people see the water coming out of. The pipe is hidden behind the actual faucet, so it may be a little tougher to work on. The shut-off valve is the knob that people rotate to turn the faucet off or on. People will simply need to find the right sized wrench to disconnect the faucet from the wall. They will see a nut towards the middle of the faucet that the wrench will connect with.

Once people discover what the problem is with their outdoor faucet, they can make repairs. No one should have to pay a plumber a substantial rate to complete such an easy task. People will find all of the efficient plumbing fixtures they need at a hardware store, and people will likely have all of the tools they need to make the necessary repairs.

If you do end up needing a plumber for more extensive repairs,  just call us!

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The Basics of Plumbing and Drains

Plumbing is all about gravity.

The bathroom is the one room in the house that is all about plumbing and drains. Getting water into the room and getting the waste out. It sounds complicated, but it really runs on a simple principle, gravity. Of course, we would not want to forget that modern bathrooms also have a supply of hot water. No one wants a cold bath or even worse an ice cold shower. Somehow hot water needs to come into the bathroom. The hot water heater can take credit for that and you can’t forget all that dirty water and waste that needs a place to go. Sewers often aren’t popular places, but where would be without them?

How does clean water come into your home? Pressure causes the water to flow up through pipes, around corners and zigzag its way into the faucet at the top of the sink. You turn the value and it flows until it is shut off. Cold water is ready all the time, but the hot water has to go through another system. It will need to pass through a hot water heater where it is maintained at about 160 degrees. The thermostat on the heater will need to be adjusted to what is safe and comfortable.

Most homes or businesses are on public sewer systems but some of them may use a septic system. It really doesn’t matter because it works the same way. The water and waste leaves your drain using the force of gravity. It is usually all downhill. It sounds easy but there is more involved. To work correctly there needs to be vents to pull the water along. On the top of the house you can often see small vents sticking up. These are placed there to bring air into the drainage system. Without them, the drains would not flow smoothly. Plumbing and sewer issues can be difficult to fix for most homeowners and often it is necessary to call a professional plumber to unclog a drain.

The bathroom is full of fixtures. The plumbing and drains could not work without these fixtures. Toilets, sinks and bathtubs are all necessary for a modern working restroom. If a fixture is not working correctly, it is possible to shut the water off to only that fixture. It can be repaired without affecting the rest of the bathroom fixtures. There is a main shut off value for all the plumbing in the house and it is a good idea for everyone in the house to know where it is and how to operate it.

Plumbing is an interesting thing and easy to understand if you catch onto the basic principle. Most plumbing will need to be done by a license plumber who understands all the codes and requirements. Homeowners need to check before they try to change any of the drains or pipes that supply water into the home. Installing a new sink or toilet can be done by the homeowner if they read and follow all the directions. Take some time and think it through before trying to tackle a plumbing project.

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