Drain Cleaning – Clogged Drains

You know you’ve done it, we all have. We’ve all either flushed something down the toilet or the bathroom or kitchen sink that really did not belong there. It may have been paper towels, a sponge, grease, or anything a one year old could get his hands on at the time.

It doesn’t matter what it is, we can clear the drain and get things flowing for you once again. Whether its your home or business, K.L. Contractor Plumbing, Inc. can take care of the problem for you in a quick lyand efficiently.

Kitchen Sink Drains
Clogged or slow draining kitchen sinks are often the result of grease and food buildup.

Bathroom Sink Drains
Hair and soap are the main culprits here. We can take care of that clogged up sink for you quickly.

Bathtub Drains
Bathtubs also fall prey to hair and soap clogs and may not respond to commercial products. Difficult to get to, these clogs may need to attention of professionals.

Toilet Drains
Paper towels, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, etc. The list could go on for many more pages because almost anything small enough to be flushed down the toilet has been attempted, especially in homes with small children.

Don’t get frustrated, and don’t worry. We can take care of that stopped up drain anywhere in the metro Atlanta or north Georgia area.

Just call 404-626-2440 now and we can make the problem disappear!

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