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How to Repair an Outdoor Water Faucet

Every homeowner will discover that they will need to have an outdoor water faucet, whether it be to water their lawn or wash their car; however, they are notorious for having problems from time-to-time. When people use a little bit of common sense, they will quickly realize that anything that has water running through it has the potential to freeze during the winter. For this reason, every year when it begins to get cold, news anchors will begin reminding people to unhook their hose and ensure that the faucet’s water supply is completely shut-off. The bad thing is that most people operate under the assumption that their faucet will not freeze, apparently because their faucet is different from everyone else’s. However, a frozen faucet is not the only thing that can malfunction with these units, so it is important for people to understand how to repair their outdoor water faucet, or they will have to pay a plumber to handle the task.

Analyze the Problem

The first step in repairing an outdoor faucet is to carefully analyze exactly what the problem is. Many people become stressed out when they know they have to repair something, which can lead them to make rushed decisions. The problem with this is that they may go buy a lot more expensive items than they actually need. Another potential problem with this is that they may purchase the wrong supplies and have to return them to the store, which will make the process take even longer. The worst case scenario would be when the hardware store will not even accept a returned product that has been opened, because the customer will be completely out of their money.

Parts Required

Depending on what the problem is, people may need to purchase a new spigot, pipe, shut-off valve. The spigot is essentially the pipe that people see the water coming out of. The pipe is hidden behind the actual faucet, so it may be a little tougher to work on. The shut-off valve is the knob that people rotate to turn the faucet off or on. People will simply need to find the right sized wrench to disconnect the faucet from the wall. They will see a nut towards the middle of the faucet that the wrench will connect with.

Once people discover what the problem is with their outdoor faucet, they can make repairs. No one should have to pay a plumber a substantial rate to complete such an easy task. People will find all of the efficient plumbing fixtures they need at a hardware store, and people will likely have all of the tools they need to make the necessary repairs.

If you do end up needing a plumber for more extensive repairs,  just call us!

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